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Byblos Art Hotel, located on the outskirts of Verona, perfectly embodies the charm and solemnity of a 17th century villa.

Expertly renovated by architect and designer Alessandro Mendini, the hotel blends bright colours and sculptural forms of the furnishings with the setting’s rigorous classicism, to create a unified effect that is both harmonious and eclectic.

In this way, furniture and objects defined by their exquisite pop design, and representative of the Byblos brand, are combined with the original frescoes and marble of Villa Amistà: the result is a structure which is elegant, yet informal, and offers an experience much like that of a museum.

Each of the the rooms has a different style and is personalized with pieces of contemporary art and design objects, such as the Riga writing desks, by Marc Newson.

Perfectly coherent with the surrounding environment, these pieces contribute to a choral project aimed at rediscovering the relationship between function and beauty.

Used products

Marc Newson