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Basecamp is a socially interacting super structure situated just minutes away from both stunning nature and Denmark’s bustling capital.

The project, entirely based on sustainable technologies, was born with the idea of bringing people closer to the nature and motivating them to interact with it and with one another. The sculptural and organic volume of the building is playfully wrapped around smaller courtyards, creating well defined intimate spaces for people to meet, read or simply enjoy life. Basecamp functions as a sustainable shared living community for students, PhDs and senior citizens, offering them everything they need, from cool modern rooms and lounge areas to state-of-the-art facilities including a gym, gaming rooms and cinema.

Basecamp was designed by the Danish studio Lars Gitz Architects, and every space within the building features design furniture, among which the Hobo Contract sofa designed by Studio Aisslinger.

Used products

Werner Aisslinger & Tina Bunyaprasit