Artissima bets on Cappellini - Turin
October 2015

Artissima bets on Cappellini - Turin

Cappellini, key player of Artissima. The International Contemporary Art Exhibition has reached the 22nd edition and will be opened to the public from 6th to 9th November (the press preview is scheduled on the 5th November).
Cappellini, who produces top quality furnishing according to the Made in Italy tradition, participates as the main sponsor offering his expertise to the users of Artissima: the design masterpieces will be located in the common spaces of the exhibition. True pieces of art will appear in areas such as the restaurant, the central square and the common area, available for the customers. Among the products shown in the Oval, its majesty Tulip dominates: the elegant tulip-shaped armchair which makes the classical style less dramatic. This piece of design is the official testimonial of Artissima and is shown in the frot page advertising of fair’s catalogue, printed in thousands of copies. Cappellini’s style proceeds with Inout, the bench and sofa which have an original sinuous design, furnishing the environment with its original elegance. On the front line, Frac, the little armchair that, thanks to its soft shape, embraces anyone sitting there like a tailor’s suit, naming the armchair. Cappellini’s route continues with Anemos, the little table that like an armour protects the four soft elegant poufs which are inside. The little spherical table Bong is completely different, being made through a precious finish in lavic stone, thanks to an expert manual job. The Made in Italy company’s creativity emanates through Cloud, the modular bifacial bookshelf which steals its forms to geometry. The floral inspiration returns with Dalia, the little armchair: a poetic contemporary element reminiscent of the shape of the dahlia itself. Among the iconic products available to Artissima’s users there is also Mini Bottle, the ceramic little table that looks like a real piece of art thanks to its round soft lines. Revolving, a lively nice piece of furniture with 20 drawers,  is much more rigid and linear. A journey through contemporaneity continues with Bambi, the little table/desk whose essential shape is suitable for different environments.
These are just some of the products furnishing Artissima.
Artissima, established in 1994, combines a presence in the international market with a strong attention for experimentation, research and care for choices and proposals.
Through his iconic products, Cappellini accomplishes a tour of the virtual world; his art shows itself in an important international window that offers 207 galleries from 31 countries.
Italian pride is named Cappellini who plays a first role in a world championship.