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A fervent part of the nautical industry, Arcadia Yachts has successfully introduced significant new formal stylistic codes into the concept of yachting.

Arcadia produces boats known for their distinctively strong personality and impeccable aesthetics, with optimized spaces and ecological features.

Arcadia yachts are equipped with furnishings by premium designer brands. For the A115, Cappellini provides custom versions of the Lotus by Jasper Morrison, Cannot tables by Michela Catalano & Ilaria Marelli and Flexi Container cabinets by Studio Cappellini.

Standard and custom versions of the modular Flexi Container cabinets have been adopted for the A85, to offer personalized solutions for managing the typically limited space available inside of a boat interior.

The final touch for the internal decor of the A85 yachts is the Fronzoni ’64 table, by A.G. Fronzoni. Through this partnership, industrial design and product design are united to create a unique style that is exclusively Made in Italy.