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50 years of
September 2014

50 years of "Collezione '64" by AG Fronzoni

Cappellini celebrates it  with a “50° anniversary edition” of 33 pieces and a new version of the table

«The deepest sense of the design is not so much to build a house, but how to build ourselves. Design your own existence is a commitment that must be our primary concern, and this commitment must be total and continuous, not intermittent and relative». AG Fronzoni

Milano, September 2014 – Cappellini has celebrated with an exclusive event 50 years of design of “Collezione ‘64" designed by AG Fronzoni in 1964 and manufactured by Cappellini since 1997: a family of strong iconic products made up of chair, armchair, coffee table 100x100 cm, high tables 100x100 cm and 100x200 cm, double and single beds.

Through some installations curated by Giulio Cappellini it was shown a "50th anniversary edition" of 33 pieces for each item proposed in the two-tone black/white and white/black frame and seat or structure and plan. White and black colors are representative of the thinking and design philosophy of the architect.

In addition, studying the projects Archive of AG Fronzoni, edited by his daughter, arch. Camilla Cristina Fronzoni, Cappellini has recovered some variants of the most valuable projects, including a particularly interesting version of the table designed for a private home, with Carrara marble on the top, and one designed for a restaurant, with natural ash or stained wenge top, both with stainless steel frame.

In the field of industrial design as well as the "Collection 64" for Cappellini, AG Fronzoni has designed for Valextra the suitcase "Shape zero". To celebrate the partnership between AG Fronzoni and the prestigious leather goods company in Milan, from September 3rd to 15th a few pieces of the "50th anniversary edition" are on display in the windows of the Valextra boutique in Via Manzoni 3, Milan.