Cappellini New York hosts an exhibition of Ivan Butorac
May 2014

Cappellini New York hosts an exhibition of Ivan Butorac

On the occasion of the ICFF New York, Cappellini showroom Soho is hosting an exhibition of the artist Ivan Butorac dedicated to light: "Branching light". Vernissage Saturday 17th, 6pm, till May 31st.

Ivan Butorac is an American artist born and raised in war torn Yugoslavia which he left at the age of 25, just at the time when war stopped and the disorder and decay laid itself flat without leaving any space for perspective.
Seeing what it is, and then dreaming up and creating a space for new reality is what Ivan was used to since he was a child.
Space appears is all forms of light that the eye of his grandfathers camera, that he adored, could capture. Space doesn't exist without light, that is, our perception of it. Nor do exist any forms of material world that is what we, human beings, having this earthly experience call 'our world'.
What is the world and where (if there any) are the limits to the understanding of our future, our growth and what is the fate of our actions?
Where am I, as an artist, a human being, standing in the universe? Am I at the center of that cross? Am I on the horizon?
His latest work presented at the Cappellini store in Soho, NY, echoes  his earlier works of repetitive symmetry of elements in nature, by capturing the moments of temporal and locking them into abstract compositions with the timeless resonance of a powerful sign.
Architectural elements of the environment of his newly adopted city are vibrating with the same power of the trees from his earlier works, confirming that everything is in the eye of the beholder.