Located in the heart of Rome, the Radisson Blu es. Hotel is ideally situated in proximity of the city’s the most important archaeological sites. The strategic position of this luxury property is the ultimate starting point for discovering the wonders of the Eternal City.

The contrast between ancient and modern is perfectly balanced in the interior decor of the Radisson Blu es: the unequivocal minimalist style of the hotel provides a discreet backdrop that highlights the beauty of the landscape. The large terrace offers enchanting views of the city, which you can enjoy whilst comfortably seated on the Sunset chairs by Christophe Pillet, here proposed in both swivelling and fixed versions.

The surrounding urban buzz and the dynamic swarm of life is attenuated by the tranquillity of the hall where InOut benches by Jean Marie Massaud – veritable statement pieces – welcome guests at the entrance, offering an invitation to slow down and be enveloped by the essential serenity of the environment.

A design hotel in an imperial context, where historical remnants harmoniously accompany contemporary lifestyle.


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