El Paso

Giulio Cappellini

The perfect equilibrium between rationalist rigour and modern use of materials, the El Paso cabinet by Giulio Cappellini is animated by delightful chromatic contrasts.


The cabinet, matte lacquered in anthracite colour or, upon request, in all the colours from the collection, sets off the doors which are available in either a matte lacquered or glossy finish (in the colours from the collection), or in the new glossy metallic lacquered finish (in 4 shades).


The doors open on specially-designed hinges: on the El Paso sideboard, handles and any form of decorative element, are completely absent…and justifiably so. This choice allows the viewer’s gaze to rest on absolutely clean lines which impart a sense of lightness and extreme linearity, making the design almost architectural. 


The materials available to professionals in the sector.

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Designed by
Giulio Cappellini

Trained as an architect in Milan, Giulio Cappellini is an emblematic figure in the international design panorama.

Animated by an indomitable spirit and the curiosity of someone who wants to renew himself continuously, Cappellini dedicates himself to design by offering his personal revision of contemporary design, both for the brand that bears...