Studio Cappellini

Created for use in both domestic and contract settings, the Aviolux range of containers, designed by Studio Cappellini, is composed of wall-mounted elements, also available with hinged doors (equipped with internal shelf) or fall-front doors.

Aviolux has units that can be paired together, finished with matte or glossy lacquer.

Aviolux cabinets are characterized by the slender lines of the components. These are made partly of high-density conglomerate wood and partly with aluminium “file panel”, an extremely robust material with high-performance mechanical characteristics.


The materials available to professionals in the sector.

Designed by
Studio Cappellini

Since its debut, Studio Cappellini has focused primarily on research and pure design.

Under the guidance of Giulio Cappellini, the company has formed an internal team dedicated to the design of products capable of becoming “long-sellers” that resist the passage of time and fleeting fashion trends, to become an integral and emblematic part...