AG Fronzoni

Pistoia, Italy

An eclectic name in the design and graphics panorama, AG Fronzoni based his aesthetic studies on the elaboration and design of content.
His long and intense career led him to incorporate architecture, design, visual communication and education.

He has held lectures at the Società Umanitaria (Humanitarian Society) and the Istituto delle Industrie Artistiche di Urbino (The Institute for Artistic Industries in Urbino), and served as editor of the magazines Punta and Casabella. In Milan, he founded a school.

Fronzoni’s philosophy can best be summarised by his simple and effective words: “Aim for the essential, eliminate the superfluous, every unnecessary flourish, elaborate a concept based on mathematics, around a fundamental idea, an elementary structure, fiercely avoid waste and excess.”

The beds, chairs, tables and sofas bearing AG Fronzoni’s name encapsulate the essence of the architect’s creative vision. Thus, the elements in the Fronzoni ’64 series are characterized by linear and geometric shapes, a perfect representation of his stylistic signature.

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