A production, research and learning centre located in the heart of industrial Switzerland, Jansen is an important player in the field of metal work and building cladding.
The structure is renowned for the pioneering subdivision of the rooms and work spaces. Instead of using a traditional approach, the company was designed like a university campus. By studying the flows of the workers’ everyday activities during moments of leisure and collectivity, it was possible to create a human-scale environment that actually stimulates creativity and social interaction between employees.
Cappellini interpreted this new concept for the workplace through the use of striking furnishings: the common areas provided the ideal setting for the Three Sofa Deluxe and the Thinking Man Chair by Jasper Morrison. Mr. B chairs by Francois Azombourg alternate with Adam Goodrum's Stitch Chair.
In the more classic offices and conference rooms there are Lotus armchairs and Simplon tables and sideboards, all designed by Jasper Morrison. Some tables have been custom made, with folding legs and dimensions designed to fit perfectly into the surrounding spaces, accompanied by Tate chairs, also by Morrison.
Also among the furnishing elements are pieces of contemporary art and designer accessories, including the ethereally light Tuta clothes hangers, by Nendo.
The building communicates harmoniously with nature and the surrounding landscape, by virtue of a link that was initially conceptual and then architectural, providing a new vision for the working environment.
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