Chairs and small armchairs


They cannot go unnoticed.

Oftentimes, an object as common as a chair can go practically unnoticed, suppressed by its very function. With the designer chairs in the Cappellini Collection, this simply cannot occur. Whether they are dining room chairs or seats for furnishing a library, small bedroom chairs or living room chairs, Cappellini’s selection is distinguished by sophistication and by eloquent intentions, expressed through fine details.

Masterpieces by design.

In the hands – and the mind – of a designer, a chair can become an authentic work of art, worthy of being exhibited in the most important contemporary art museums. Designer furniture can light up a room with its presence, and Cappellini’s designer chairs exalt their function without sacrificing their identity. When they are placed next to a dining table, they not only allow guests to sit down, they welcome them into a world of comfort and facilitate conviviality; when placed in a study near a desk, they spark a mind-set that fosters the creative process.

Created to be used, not just observed.

The designer chairs in the Cappellini collection are made with durable materials and upholstery, suitable for intense use. Furthermore, numerous pieces have obtained Greenguard Gold certification that awards products that do not contain or emit volatile substances that are harmful to one’s health or the environment: yet another important new milestone.



Chairs and small armchairs


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